Ordination presbytérale / Ordination to the Priesthood


A priest is a spiritual father of a community. His primary role is to be a shepherd of the Catholic community. He does this by proclaiming the Word of God, teaching the faith, celebrating the sacraments, and being of service to those who are in need. He offers spiritual guidance, coaches people in prayer, accompanies those who are ill, prepares couples for marriage, and many other things.

A pastor must be ordained. This means that after a certain number of years of studying theology and philosophy, after having spiritual guidance given to him, after training in the art of prayer, he is ordained by the bishop to serve the community.

The Lord calls generous and prayerful men to His service. Priesthood requires reasonably good judgement, a deep love for Christ, a strong faith, and a desire to serve.

Priests generally come from good Catholic families. Consequently, priesthood and family life are intimately involved with eachother. Healthy Catholic families, who are generous with children, are more likely to foster future pastors for the Catholic community.

Let us pray, in this Year dedicated to the priest, that God will provide the good priests the Church needs.

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