Faith First Ages 5-10

If your child is not currently enrolled in our Catechism program, you should be aware of the following:

Religious Education in Schools:

Religious education programs in the schools which previously existed has been eliminated as of September 2008. The courses has been replaced by a course entitled Ethics and Religious Culture which the Ministry of Education has imposed throughout Quebec from Grade 1 through Secondary V. This program will affect our children. The Church and family environment will become, more than ever, the main center for Catholic Faith transmission.

Since many years we have been offering a catechism program, “Faith First”, and it is through this program that our young people will prepare and receive the Sacraments: ie First Confession (Reconciliation), First Communion, and Confirmation.

We also hold meetings for Parents/Adults to help them grow in their faith (along with their children). Our goal is to supply the tools to prepare to answer questions, concerns from their children, who, as of September 2008, are exposed to various religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Jehovah Witness, Atheism, etc.

“Faith First” catechism program is for children from 5 years old to secondary level. It gives your child the opportunity to meet in a group which is more stimulating. Together we discover how much God loves us, who is Jesus who shows us the way to live as a child of God. Classes are held at Mary Queen of Peace church.

Nancy Whiter, Coordinator of the English catechesis program

We are offering a hybrid and family-oriented catechesis.  Friendship Sunday every 1st Sunday of the month, online catechesis every 2nd and 4th week of the month, the parent and child session will be made available every 3rd Sunday of the month. Starting on the week of September 19th 2021. The celebrations of First Communions and Confirmations will take place from September to December.

Registration day for catechesis and the Blessing of students-school bags will take place on September 12th at Mary-Queen-of-Peace. Register after the 12:00 pm Mass. You can also register starting August 28th by writing at Nancy will also be available  August 28th from 3:30pm – 5:00pm before the Mass at Mary-Queen-of-Peace. 


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